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Snow Removal

Serving Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Coralville, Waterloo and Cedar Falls

Nobody wants to be stuck inside on a snow day or track snow into the office. You can start bundling up right after you call, Our snow removal experts will be on their way to clear the snow away from your driveway and much more! Cutting Edge Property Services will clear your walkways and parking spaces so you don’t have to.

Residential Snow Plowing includes:
Clearing of snow from driveways, sidewalks, city sidewalks, front porches, walkways, and applying deicing materials .

Commercial Snow Plowing includes:
clearing snow from parking lots, sidewalks, city sidewalks, in front of dumpsters, and applying deicing materials.

Retail: Shopping Centers, malls, strip centers, and free-standing retail stores. High traffic periods require monitoring and adequate resources. Loading docks, rear doors and sidewalks are critical areas.
Commercial Office: Corporate offices, multi-tenant office buildings and office parks. Early openings during weekdays require expert decision making and operational excellence. Building entrances, priority parking spaces and sidewalks are critical.
Industrial: Warehousing facilities, manufacturing plants and industrial parks. Overnight and weekend shifts require 24/7 capabilities. Loading docks, employee parking lots and sidewalks are critical areas.
Medical: Hospitals, after-hours clinics and medical/dental clinics. Emergency, disability and walk-in patients require clear and safe access. Building entrances, drop-off areas, ramps, sidewalks and handicapped parking spaces are critical.

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Snow Removal
Snow Removal